$24.00 USD

A great single origin that is mellow and simple that doesn't have all the fruity notes you may not enjoy as much

Mellow, Savory, Cocoa 

One sip of this velvety Colombian coffee and you’ll be transported to the lush, rolling hills of the Andes. Grown under the watchful eye of fourth-generation farmers, these beans are hand-selected for their mellow, savory flavor and hints of cocoa.

The medium roast accentuates the natural flavors of the bean, yielding a cup that’s as refreshing as an ocean breeze. Close your eyes as you drink and you’ll feel the warmth of the Colombian sun on your face.

No two cups are quite the same, as each bean absorbs the unique terroir of the land. But you can always expect a smooth, balanced body, clean finish, and aroma that evokes memories of a perfect spring day.

Brew a pot, pour yourself a mug, and adventure awaits with every sip. After all, coffee this captivating is meant to be savored.