$24.00 USD

Experience the perfect balance of sweetness and savory notes with this dark roast. This full-bodied coffee is elevated by its bright, citric acidity and the rich flavor.

Sweet and Savory with Citric Acidity and Toffee 

Deschutes dark roast is Hedonist Coffee’s signature organic blend, a love letter to coffee devotees seeking a jolt of java perfection. Notes of toffee and citrus dance on your tongue, balanced by a savory sweetness as rich as the midnight sky.

Each bean is carefully selected and roasted to aromatic perfection, coaxing out flavors of chocolate and spice for an indulgent taste that lingers long after the last drop.

With the perfect acidity as a Pacific Northwest sunrise and a body smoother than a mountain lake at dusk, Deschutes is a sensory experience best enjoyed in solitude.

Savor its velvety decadence as you watch the world wake up, and make every morning a hedonistic one. Life’s deepest pleasures come in small packages, so drink up—adventure awaits in every cup.