$24.00 USD

Savor the smooth and velvety texture of this bold brew, and experience the perfect balance of sweetness and depth

Deep Body and Bakers Chocolate and Caramelized Sugar 

This full-bodied dark roast summons hints of caramelized sugar and baker’s chocolate for a flavor profile as complex as the rugged Montana valley for which it’s named. Handcrafted from premium beans, Flathead Valley coffee is a Hedonist classic—bold yet balanced, with an finish as smooth as a still mountain lake at dusk.

Whether you’re gazing at the craggy peaks of Glacier National Park or racing to an early meeting, this rich, aromatic brew provides fuel for life’s adventures. And thanks to its earthy depth and lingering aftertaste, Flathead Valley coffee might just spoil you for anything else.

So go ahead, embrace your inner hedonist. This is one indulgence you’ll never regret.