$24.00 USD

The bright and zesty citrus notes are perfectly balanced by the deep and rich flavors of black cherry and fudge, creating a bold and delicious brew that is sure to energize and delight.

Orange Zest, Black Cherry, Fudge

This velvety brew summons the verdant hills of Guatemala with notes of orange zest, black cherry and zesty citrus. One sip of this organic, freshly roasted ambrosia reveals fudge-like flavors as rich as the volcanic soil in which the beans were grown.

Like a secret passageway in an ancient Mayan temple, this single-origin wonder unlocks a hidden world of flavor for the senses to explore. Close your eyes, and you just might find yourself amid colorful colonial architecture in Antigua or overlooking mystical Lake Atitlan.

A masterful blend of beans from family-owned farms ensures an unparalleled complexity that lingers long after the last drop. Premium coffee, meet your match. There’s a new standard for perfection, and its name is Hedonist Coffee.

Adventure awaits in every cup!